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*Save message text to a text file*

The mutt command pipe-message (default shortcut |) can be used for this. It opens a command line and you write cat > DESIRED-FILE-PATH

or press v to view plain text and s to save to a file.

*Deleting Messages*

Change to mailbox then shift+D type search pattern then shift+$ to update mailbox

*Mutt Marking all New messages for deletion and clears all flags*

It first selects all messages marked “New” and untags them. Then, it selects all messages marked “Old” but unread and untags them as well. Finally, it marks them all as deleted

macro index <esc>m "T~N<enter>;WNT~O<enter>;WO\CT<enter><tag-prefix>d" "mark all messages read"

<tag-prefix> = ;