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I do not have a root password for many of the servers I interact with so I can not SSH directly in as the root user. Also, the ssh daemons are wisely configured with ‘PermitRootLogin’ set to ‘no’ so a password would be moot anyway. I do have sudo permissions on the servers so I can connect under my username and sudo the privileged commands as needed. Glazed-eye screen-staring started when I needed to rsync a remote directory that was read-only for root. How do I get rsync to run under sudo on the remote server? I did some searching and here are some options I found.

Option 1. Set NOPASSWD in the /etc/sudoers file. crashingdaily ALL= NOPASSWD:/usr/bin/rsync

Then use the --rsync-path option to specify the sudo wrapper. rsync -a -e "ssh" --rsync-path="sudo rsync" /archive

rsync -avzP --delete -e ssh --rsync-path="sudo rsync" source_directory user@server_IP:path_destination_directory


cert for needed to be added twice

#### Instructions ####

This run on a Gentoo VM on Venus

Router ports need to be opened for this IP address

certbot renew --apache --dry-run (if this works then run without --dry-run)

Just run dehydrated -c